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Black Dog Farm

2024 Whole Chicken CSA: Pick Up Throughout The Season

Our tried-and-true pick-up-throughout-the-season Whole Chicken CSA is back for its 7th year! Designed for people without extra freezer space or who don’t want to buy a bunch of chicken at once, our Whole Chicken CSA allows you to get your chickens at a discount and when you want them. Purchase 50# or 100# of bulk chickens and pick them up at your leisure at the farm or at the Bozeman farmers markets on Saturdays or Tuesdays. Our Whole Chicken CSA and bulk preorders are essential to our meat chicken production! They allows us to purchase chicks and supplies, pay our employees, and get the first chickens processed — all costs we incur before we have a single chicken to sell. This is the only time during the year that we offer our Whole Chicken CSA.

Whole Chicken CSA Options:

  • 50# whole chickens: approximately 12 chickens for $350 (save $25)
  • 100# whole chickens: approximately 25 chickens for $695 (save $55)

When Are Chickens Available?

  • Chickens are available starting in July and all your chickens need to be picked up by the end of October

How To Get Your Chickens

  • Pick up at the Bozeman farmers market between July and October: Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings
  • Pick up at the farm in Livingston: send us an email to arrange!
  • We cannot deliver CSA chickens to your home!
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