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Black Dog Farm

2023 Whole Farm Meat CSA

The 2023 Whole Farm Meat CSA requires some extra freezer storage and includes:

  • 5 whole ducks (avg. 4# each)

  • 40# assorted pork cuts

  • 50# whole chickens (approx. 12 chickens)

  • 1 whole lamb (approx. 35# lamb cuts)

Check out the information page to get more details on exactly what is included.

As a reference, 40# of pork cuts takes up 2-3 cubic feet and will fit in a standard above-fridge freezer.

Meat will be distributed twice during the year:

  • Pork & ducks will be distributed at one time in late April or early May
  • Chicken & lamb will be distributed at one time in November or December

We will offer a pick up, likely on a Saturday or Sunday, at Bogert Park in Bozeman, or you can pick up on the farm in Livingston. If you would like to pick up your chickens earlier, you can do so on the farm any time between August and November.

Cost: $1,500 due at sign up. You can choose to venmo us (blackdogfarmmt) or send us a check to avoid paying credit card fees, or check out on this page and pay a 3% fee.


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